Each license level has a unique login but they all have the same format: Your username is your last name plus the last 3 digits of the order # (such as smith123) and your password is your order #.  The order # used to create the product-specific login is the order # associated with the transaction in which money changed hands (sent to you via e-mail after completing your purchase).  The SendOwl file download service always generates a new order # anytime you request a download BUT the order numbers associated with free downloads (i.e., product updates) are of no consequence and are not used for logins.  Once your login is assigned for a given product, it will never change.

The only reason you ever need to login is to download the latest version of the product for which you have a license or to upgrade to a license for a newer product.  If you want to upgrade from PRC2019 to PRC2020, you will need to login under your 2019 Gold license.  Once that’s done, you’ll be taken to a page where you can purchase the upgrade at the discounted price.

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